Introducing: People Search


Introducing: People Search

Learning is better together. The reality is that we all learn through our connections to one another, both online and in-person. According to a recent study from Bersin by Deloitte, 80% of workforce learning happens via on-the-job interactions with peers, teammates, and managers. Here at Continu, we've always believed that learning should be blended (both online and in-person), easily accessible, and extremely social & personal.

That's why today we're excited to announce People Search – a new way to interact and connect with others in your organization over shared skills and interests, as well as learn from experts within your company.

80% of workforce learning happens via on-the-job interactions with peers, teammates, and managers. – Bersin By Deloitte

Create a Learning Community

People Search

Use People Search to bring people together, no matter their location or department. With People Search, your team will have the ability to discover who in the organization works in a specific department or location, helping them engage with others and make new, meaningful connections.

Search Skills, Unlock Experts

People Search - Search Skills

With Skill Search, your team will be able to search for experts within the company that can help them unlock information and solve problems as they arise. Our aim is for Skill Search to amplify workplace learning and help to facilitate informal mentorship, thought leadership and richer discovery.

Showcase Your Own Expertise

People Search - User Profiles

With a whole new profile experience, you can now showcase your own skills and expertise in a beautiful way to help others within the organization. You'll be able to add your bio, skills and connections to popular external networks to build context and connections outside of the workplace.

People search is a new way to connect within your organization around critical information. It's more than a directory, it's a community of peers and a way for your organization to help foster meaningful learning and engagement.